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Strategic Enrollment Management

What happens between a student’s college search and the start of their career is paramount, and it's why Cal Poly established the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Division. Our division is fueled by a universitywide initiative focused on leveraging data to align academic, fiscal, enrollment and co-curricular resources with Cal Poly and higher education’s ever-changing climate to ensure long term success.  

Our Vision

Advancing and promoting student success is our motivation. From the quality of the student experience and access to support, to equitable distribution of scholarships and financial aid, our vision is to increase the return on investment of a Cal Poly education year over year.

Our Commitment 

SEM provides inclusive, equity-focused leadership to increase enrollment and retention of underrepresented, low-income students. We are committed to eliminating equity gaps by cultivating, enrolling and nurturing a student body that relentlessly pursues better.

Our Team 

The SEM division consists of seven campus units, and each unit plays a critical role in the student experience. We work together to develop enrollment solutions that exceed enrollment targets while diversifying the student population.

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