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Our Goals

Advancing and promoting student success is our motivation. Our goals guide us to meet students where they are in their higher education journey while keeping us focused on incremental internal improvements.  

  •   Enroll and nurture a student body with academic rigor.
  •   Deliver and maintain a student body that demonstrates both diversity and inclusivity. 
  •   Support retention of our student body by fostering a positive and productive higher education experience.
  •   Be a friend, liaison, and support system to our colleagues, community, prospective and current students, applicants and their supporters.
  •     Foster professional growth among SEM staff by encouraging consistent professional development and mentorships.
  •    Provide scholarships and aid commensurate with the level of educational experience expected at Cal Poly. 
  •    Promote institutional goals utilizing enrollment management principles.



Hosting events for students, starting at the middle school level, is critical to SEM's ability to positively impact students' higher education journeys well before they begin their college career.


SEM AVID Event Jan. 2023
SEM hosted 448 AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) students Jan. 2023. Aligned with AVID's purpose — to prepare middle school students for college eligibility and success — SEM provided information about applying to Cal Poly and the importance of enrolling in A-G coursework in high school.


students working old fashioned postcard printing press students practicing blood pressure readings.
SEM's admissions and recruitment team hosted over 450 high school scholars involved in clubs or programs that support and reaffirm Black excellence, education, and culture at the United by Excellence event in Feb. 2023. Participants attended Learn by Doing workshops hosted by all six academic colleges, toured Cal Poly's campus and networked with the campus community.


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